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Mary Scimemi headhsot

Mary Scimemi

If you want a woman of action, Mary is your agent. It's a gift to be able to make things happen in real estate. It takes poise, brains, problem solving and a lot of action. 


This is a woman that starts her day at sunrise with three cups of coffee and tackles a 5-mile run, 20-mile bike ride or subjects herself to hot Bikram yoga at daybreak. (The author doesn't understand the sweaty yoga but finds it impressive nonetheless.) 

Mary exudes self-discipline and clears her head every morning with her relentless commitment to exercise. Bonus! She finds that her morning routine doubles as problem solving time for her clients. As a result, she doesn't flinch at a challenge and won't accept defeat. What kind of person names their condominium "Undaunted". The kind of person like Mary. 


Her secret sauce is her competitive nature. She wants her clients to win. She cleverly strategizes for her buyers to win in competitive situations. She is a crackerjack with tactics and wisdom to help sellers capitalize on this market. 


She is the woman of strength you want in the bunker when you aren't winning the war. She is the agent who'll figure out how to cross the finish line when you're limping. 


She understands the importance of practice. She never misses a training at Leading Edge because she wants to be on her game and ahead of the other agents in the market. This is a woman that ran her first Boston Marathon in 3:28 by picking out runners in front of her and focusing on passing them one by one. When she passes, it's with a big smile and grace. 


She isn't pigeon-holed by geography. She brings her sensible and quick-witted guidance wherever her clients need her. She sells in and around Boston. She doesn't think twice about showing property in Duxbury or Hingham, listing a condo in the South End or Cambridge or consulting with clients who need help in Melrose or Andover. 


She is a veteran agent who other agents regularly refer to when they have clients out of their territory because Mary will learn whatever she needs to know to be the best agent for her client anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts. Energy moves the world. And Mary's positive energy will uplift you and move you, literally and figuratively.

There are hundreds of details in every real estate transaction. How are you supposed to keep them straight? Make the right choices? Stay on top of all your deadlines?

Why should you care about absorption rates? What does the sales trend mean to you? How does the closing rate affect your purchase and sale? Does your head hurt thinking about it?

You need a brilliant project manager. A renaissance man. Someone who lives and breathes the details, the data, the problem solving.

You need Del Wilson. He applies his skills as a higher-up mucky-muck at an esteemed liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine, to your very tailored and specific real estate needs, problems and dreams.

During his 20+ year tenure at Bowdoin, Del managed the acquisitions, sales and rentals for the college's ever-growing real estate holdings. He was the lead on an aggressive plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2020 and was the institution's town liaison, where he was a key player in crafting and implementing a multi-year comprehensive master plan. Wow. Now that's a resume of someone who gets things done. You want an agent who is high in communication and a radical implementer like that watching your back!

Event planning is in his DNA. Selling or buying a home is a big event. 

After spending a good portion of his career in higher education, Del decided to pivot his focus on residential real estate. He brings with him not only extensive experience, but a fastidious perspective and approach. Del's pervasive attention to detail means you won't be catastrophically losing your real estate deposit because of a misstep. Del will ride all the parties to meet their deadlines on your behalf. He'll be on high alert for problems that could thwart your closing.  

What do they say about Del? "Charming...Professional to the core...I know he's going to do whatever it takes..." We could go on and on, but we won't bore you. Let's just say he has raving fans. Del's passion for community, protecting the planet and family (some may argue that he loves his dog more than his husband) drive him every day. Isn't that the kind of guy you want to work with? Del managed a study abroad program in India, was a denim specialist at the Gap helping celebrities and he is now committed to your success.

A native New Englander, Del lives in Melrose with his husband Gary and their black lab Slayte. And for Gary's sake, let's not fawn all over the dog. He has comprehensive knowledge of the greater Boston area and would be absolutely thrilled to help you find or sell your home.

Del Wilson Headshot

Del Wilson

Nathan Seavey headshot

Nathan Seavey

You've watched House Hunters, you follow the Millionaire agent, you watch Flip or Flop and Zombie House Flipping. You're ready to buy or sell. You know what you are doing, you've seen it on TV. They make it look so easy. How hard could it be? 

Decide to sell and buyers swarm to pay over asking, right? Decide to buy, shop for a property and show up at closing. Easy peasy. 

Sorry to report, that's all fake friends. Houses aren't renovated in 24 hours, and all those TV buyers are filmed after they have already purchased and moved into their new homes. It's all pretend. The shows do a terrible disservice to the reality of buying or selling a home. 

Homes that sell for a premium have a superb coach. Buyers who find the right house have a wise guru. 


The problems, the nightmares, the inconveniences, the hiccups are part of the real estate process. Navigating them with grace and good outcomes requires a sherpa. Someone who knows the road and will climb the mountain with you. 

Wise consumers find someone to educate them to avoid costly mistakes. They need a teacher. They need Nathan Seavey. He was a real-life, certificate-holding, devoted-to-his-classroom teacher. A teacher who looked for a challenge. A drama teacher who tackles classrooms of under-privileged kids. A drama teacher who developed programs tailored to his students and brought the school recognition for productions and programs that hadn't been accomplished before. Now he works for us. That's our Nathan. 


Nathan brings his humane and wise guidance to your real estate project. Don't underestimate the nuances and realities of a real home search. It's a full time job. Selling your house and squeaking out every nickel is hard work and requires a host of strategies and tactics. 

Nathan has an eye and fancies himself a decent photographer. And if you are looking for an agent with real stage presence, check out Nathan in any of several venues north of Boston playing jazz piano or singing jazz with the Cape Ann Big Band. He's a torch singer. And only someone who can relate to you emotionally can sing like Nathan. 


Nathan doesn't play real estate on TV despite his theater background. He's the real deal. Anticipating real problems. Solving real problems. Says Nathan, "If you are looking to sell your home, remember, it takes a real estate agent with insight and creativity to make a home stand out. If you want to buy a home, I will be with you every step of the way." 


We are tickled that Nathan thought to talk about his company. He reports, "My team of experts at Leading Edge are the best and brightest in the industry. We lead the region in innovation, consumer education and professionalism. Don't let the complex real estate process overwhelm you. You can sell your house. You can buy your next home. I can help. There is no job too big and no question too small! Email me and find out!" Nathan and his wife Monica are the proud parents of young Henry. Watch the ever-smiling Henry on Facebook.

Jamila Adams has been an active member of her real community for over 30 years now and is excited to be turning that community focus toward real estate.
With a passion for service in the Cambridge area, Jamila is ready to help with your home buying and selling needs. As a proud member of the Leading Edge family, Jamila embodies the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything she does.


When Jamila isn’t making home ownership dreams come true for her clients she enjoys spending time with her beautiful family, working in her flower garden or trying new DIY home projects. 
On a warm summer night you might see/hear her in Fenway attending a RedSox game.

Jamila Adams headshot

Jamila Adams

Meghan Quirk Headshot

Meghan Quirk

Meet Meghan Quirk, our Team Manager. She is truly the glue that holds everything together!

Are you prepared for the wild ride of real estate? Don’t worry, Meghan will be there with us, holding your hand every step of the way. She loves a good roller coaster ride. She is one of those freaks that enjoys the turbulence on a plane ride. She stays calm in crazy situations. She’s the one we and you want at our side in the bunker.

She works tirelessly for our clients. Exercise and healthy living keep her frame of mind in the right place to make sure the myriad tasks associated with each real estate transaction are executed on time and with precision.

She won “Best Listener” for her High School Superlative. Just kidding, that doesn’t exist, but if it did, she would have won it.

Call her Nancy Drew because she is a top-notch sleuth. She can creep on the web like no other. She has had years of practice and a determination to get all the answers. She’s like a dog with a bone. That’s the saying right?

We rely on Meghan to keep everything on track and trust us, you can too!